We study experimental soft matter physics and focus on the mechanics of soft materialsLogo_pic.jpeg and complex fluids. The main experimental approach in our lab is to apply precise imaging and mechanical measurements to study material properties span a wide range of length scales and time scales.  Such studies reveal complex phenomena that push the boundaries of what is currently known in physics of soft matter. The insights gained will improve the design of smart materials based on soft matter and complex fluids. Beyond the scope of basic physical principles, we are looking into expanding our studies into interdisciplinary areas including materials science, biology, and mechanical engineering.

Our research group is located in the scenery HKUST campus by Clear Water Bay (香港清水灣)。 We constantly looking into passionate students and postdocs to join our lab. Please check the opening information to look up the updated hiring information in our group.


2020.09.24 We welcome Lydia Mak to join our group as a undgergraduate researcher.

2020.08.17 We welcome Haitao Hu to join our group as a Ph.D. student.

2020.07.28 We welcome Weiwei Zhao to join our group as a Ph.D. student.

2020.07.25 Prof. Qin Xu gave a talk in the 23rd Annual Conference of the Physical Society of Hong Kong

2020.07.09  Prof. Qin Xu gave a talk in the Visual Symposium “Physics of Dense Suspensions” to present our recent works on stress fluctuations of shear thickening fluids.

2020.06.30  We thank the generous support from RGC Early Career Scheme (2020/2021).

2020.06.22  We welcome Jianhui (Jonathon) Zhou to join our group to perform the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).

2020.03.01  Laboratory of complex fluids and soft matter was founded at HKUST.